Over nine years of professional and managerial experience as a Geotechnical Engineer in major Civil Engineering projects in United States and abroad. Responsibilities have included, planning,management and supervision of Geotechnical investigation projects, including Soil exploration, Rock drilling, Insitu testing, Laboratory testing, data analysis and preparation of Geotechnical Report for Industrial and Residential structures, Bridges, Retaining structures, Tunnels, Transmission lines, and Roadways. Pavement distress survey, Pavement evaluation and mechanistic pavement design. Design and construction control of embankments, ground improvement by preloading and sand drains, settlements and slope stability analysis, Caisson inspections, Postmortem analysis of failed structures, including Retaining walls, Slopes and mbankments.


September 25, 2000 To Present >> Environmental Design International Inc., Chicago, IL. Geotechnical Engineer.

June 1997 To September 22, 2000 >>Everest Engineering Co.,Wheaton, IL. Geotechnical Engineer.


Tunnel & Reservoir Plan, 73 rd, Street TARP Tunnel, Chicago, IL

Responsibilities included: Geotechnical exploration, geologic core logging, determining rock mass permeability by water pressure tests, estimation of discharge in tunnel and grouting quantities, and report preparation.

Pedestrian Tunnel, Monroe Street, Chicago,IL

Soil exploration, testing and temporary support system recommendations for excavation, report preparation


IL- 47, Over Illinois River and I & M Canal, Morris, IL

Soil exploration, including underwater rock drilling, field & laboratory testing recommendations for bridge foundations, and design of embankments, slope stability, stage construction, removal and replacement, settlement analysis and soils report.

Mannheim Road, Over I-90, Chicago, IL

Soil exploration, recommendations for bridge foundation, report preparation. Four Metra Bridges and Retaining Walls, (56th street, 59th, 60th, 61st streets), Chicago, IL

Soil exploration, foundation recommendations for bridges and retaining walls, report preparation.

Monroe Street Bridge, Over Rail Road, Chicago, IL

Soil exploration, recommendations for bridge foundation, report preparations.

Accessible Ramp, Kenosha Metra Station, Kenosha, WI

Soil exploration, recommendation for the foundation of sidewalls of ramp, temporary support system, and report preparation.

Noise Walls, I-88 and I-294, Chicago, IL

Soil exploration, foundation recommendations, preparation of Geotechnical Investigation Report.

Grand Ave., Chicago, IL

Utilities clearance, soil exploration, pavement cores and pavement evaluation for about 8 miles. Subgrade conditions and pavement evaluation, recommendations for resurfacing/reconstruction, Laboratory testing and data analysis and report preparation

Other Projects:

Various other small and middle size projects, including soil investigations of subdivisions, water tanks, Signboards, and storm sewers, footing inspection, compaction control, asphalt & soil densities, and inspection of concrete plants.

1991 To 1996: Cengers Geotechnica Pvt Ltd, VCC Construction & Consulting Services & Indian Geotechnical Services, New Delhi, India, Geotechnical Engineer

Responsibilities included, evaluation of bids, planning and management of soil investigation projects, including soil exploration, pile load tests, plate load and electrical resistivity tests, ground water observation, Laboratory Testing, Data analysis, Preparation of Geotechnical Investigation Reports.

Soil Investigation Projects Executed in India:


Programming Language: C++

Database: ORACLE, MS Access

Spreadsheet: MS Excel Data analysis and soil profiles

Software: GINT - Soil Boring logs
SB-Slope Slope Stability
COM 624 Lateral Capacity of piles


"Stability analysis of some slides in Garhwal Himalayas" 8th Asian Regional Symposium of Rock Slopes.

IDOT and Other Certification