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Krishna: - The Eight Avtar of Vishnu's Dasavtra(Ten incarnations).
      Krishna: the most popular avatar. He is an entirely different
      kind of god,appearing as such in the Bhagvat Gita. He is the
      darling of Hindu mithology, and is regarded by some not as an 
      avtar but as Vishnu himself.A cult figure in his own right, his 
      worshiper's intensity equals or surpasses that of the Vishnu or 
      Shiva cults.Stories of his amazing childhood delight Indians. 
      He is also the cowherd whom the gopis (young coeherdesses)      
      adore. His body and face are blue, the colour of the endless 
      ocean and infinite space.He is often depicted holding a flute
      in his hands, as cowherds do.The most commonly described 
      episode of his childhood shows him lifting Mount Govardhana up 
      with one finger to protect villagers from a vengeful storm 
      unleashed by Indra, the god of the skies.